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What is the Steam Anti-Scam Project?

The Steam Anti-Scam Project tries to prevent Fraud/"Scamming" on the Platform Steam. This Project contains a Chrome Extension (Install it on the Chrome Webstore). With that Extension you can automatically block if the User who is adding you has a private Profile, private/empty Inventory, Low Steam Level, Trade Ban, Community Ban, Steam Rep Ban and with names like "[unassigned]".

You can also block verified Scammers from our database even before they have a chance to add you.

In Future there will be a Report/Reputation System.
Use this Features wisely, if you block for example Users under Level 10, there might be some "Legit" Traders.

How can i install this Project?

Just install the Chrome Extension in the Chrome Webstore, its supported on all Desktop PCs.

What are these Profile Descriptions on Steam?

On many Profiles are some Descriptions like on mine:

These Descriptions should help to trade, because there's also a description for Scammers, for Verified Traders, our Staff and Donators. You can also identify a Middleman or a Verified Trader by this description, because a "profile faker" will NOT have this description!
Do not trust someone only because he donated. A Donator could also be a Scammer.

The "Scammer" Description

There's nothing more to say, do NOT trade, add and trust this person!

The "Verified Trader" Description

You can trust this Person, it's a verified Trader.

The "Steam-Anti-Scam Staff" Description

You can also trust this Person, but do NOT ask this Person for Support via Steam, use the Support on this Website please.

The "Donator Star"

As said above, you get this Star by donating, currently this is not supported.
Do not trust someone only because he donated. A Donator could also be a Scammer.

What can i do if a get banned by the Steam Anti-Scam Project?

SteamAS Untrusted = Scammer (not verified) in our Database.

SteamAS Ban = Verified Scammer in our Database.

You think you got banned by the Steam Anti-Scam System for no reason/by mistake? Write a us.

How can i give Feedback/make Suggestions/report Bugs?
What is the SecurityID and the SteamID?

Each Steam Account has a SteamID which is generated/created by Steam, Steam uses that ID to identify your Account. A SteamID is unique.

The SecurityID is generated/created by our System and is also used to identify your Steam Account. The SecurityID could be used for example if you contact our Support and want to proof that the Steam Account with SteamID 'x' is your Account, the SecurityID is also unique.

Do not share your SecurityID to anyone!